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Nice hotel ah? This is our hotel in Cyprus, May 2007, the Poseidonia Beach Hotel, Limassol. Unforntunately there was building works going on next door so we spent most of the time on the beach or tucked away in the farthest corner away from the racket. other than that the hotel was great, food good and room nice - would have been better facing the sea and away from the traffic on the main road.
Lovely The monastery Stavrovouni was constructed on the peak of the mountain of the same name in the district of Larnaca. In earlier times it had been known under the name of Olympus , nowadays , the highest point of Troodos Mountains further to the west bears that name. The road to the top was grat fun to drive up, twisting and turning with many hair pin turns.
Handsome Apollo Temple remains of an ancient city at Amathus Archaeological Site near Limassol.
what do you think? Amathus was built on the coastal cliffs with an amazing view to the sea.
Legend has it that Amathus was founded by one of Hercules' sons and soon flowered into one of the most important Cypriot city-kingdoms of the Hellenic age. It was a regional capital under the Romans and became a Byzantine bishopric before Arab raids finished it off and the city was abandoned. Aside from the occasional looting spree, Amathus remained forgotten until the late 19th century when excavations began to unearth some of its treasures.
Moggy Today ancient Amathus is little more than a series of low-lying excavations on the edge of Limassol

Oh well - best foot forward until our next holiday!!


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