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Nice ah? Beach and Hotel. 26th June 2005. This is San Miguel Bay on Ibiza and the Hotel is made up of three seperate hotels which have 3 restaurants, two swimming pools a Tapas bar, Mexican bar and a Chinesse bar..
Looking Good Chris Natalie and Ian
Chris We stayed by the pool one day, plenty of sunbeds and not to crowded, the beach was great but beware you have to walk 250 meters of ramps and stairs to reach it, don't believe the reps when they say that the walk to Benirras beach (where Kevin & Perry Go Large was filmed) is only 20 mins- it's a good hour up some very steep hills and is a favourite with local hippies who like to sunbathe naked!!!!! Needless to say we never made it there.
Ian The hotel was very good, the reception staff were friendly and very efficient. Rooms were very comfortable although basic, air conditioning ok but a little noisy to leave on all night. Cannot fault the room service- clean towels and beds made up every single day! The restaurants were all very good, the Mexican by the pool was really good- food excellent- lots of choice and very hot- and the staff are brilliant!
Action shot This 'action shot' was a fluke. If you've taken a picture with a digital camera you know there is a delay between pressing the button and the picture being taken. I was about to take a photo of Chris holding the ball but the delay was just long enough to capture this shot.
Chris No fluke this time. All the bars are good and the staff in the Western bar are a good laugh. Never had to queue to eat or drink and can't fault this side of the hotel although we didn't like the plastic cups but can understand the reasons why! Beach is lovely and plenty of fish in the water. Didn't snorkel this holiday - the last time I did I spent so long floating about that I burnt my back!
Lisa Lisa in it up to her head again! The kids went out on the canoes and pedalos, they even tried wind surfing - I wish I had some pictures of that!
Natalie 'My little darling'. I actually remembered my camera and took some photo's! The next few pictures were taken outside the main bar of our hotel after the entertainment had finished. There was the normal shows i.e. Spanish dancing, Mr. Universe and a Magic show, not that we saw much of them - we were to busy playing our 'drinking game' - well it was an inclusive holiday!.
Lisa What was in the glass?
Chris Not sure what his beer is balancing on - but he sure look pleased!


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