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Hubby's fav pic This page has been set up by my husband, this is one of his favourite photo's, I will get around to putting some info on this page soon.
What a holidayTwo pictures, first one showing my stop at Fiji on my trip around the world, first stopping at Singapore, Brisbane, Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney. This is by the beach at the Warwick hotel, Fiji, a very wonderful and friendly island, the best place I've ever been to.
Anyone for tiffin?Me and my families favourite pastime, eating cakes! Picture taken in our old house, before the kitchen was re-vamped, we've now moved, but making cakes on a Sunday is still mine and my families favourite treat.
click to open front This is the dolls house my husband bought as a flat pack one Christmas from a dollshouse shop in Greenwich, now unfortunately closed, and over the next 8 years has built into this most beautiful dollshouse, and even now we are still adding to its contents.
All rooms have lighting and a power outlet, for lamps etc. A staircase, partition wall and door were built in the top floor to make it more realistic.
Click on the dollshouse to see inside.


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